Making the best out of home quarantine

So we got stuck at home…Feelings are mixed, nobody knows how long quarantine will take. We are all individuals with different needs and characters. Time off is a great opportunity to look into ourselves, calm down, maybe meditate. But what if i do not want to meditate? I wish i could - so many benefits ! No.. you don’t have to push yourself to do what you don’t want to do just because it is supposed to be a cure for everything. You should understand that there are many other ways to calm the soul and mind without sticking to just one technique.

If you are curious about meditation or you know it is your way to handle the chaos, then it is the best opportunity to practice now! Habits, actions.. they are all some kinds of muscles - the more you practice the stronger they get :)

Here is the list of activities that you can start doing at home for your inner growth, stabilisation and some happiness.

1. As mentioned above - meditation. It can be difficult to focus at the beggining, but make it a daily exercise. Make it a challenge! Start with 3 days.. then 7 … then extend it to 2 weeks. If your religion does not go together with meditation then.. pray! Do it with same principles- everyday. If you are just totally not made for that, keep reading !

2. Learn something new. There are thousands of online courses in almost any field. You can go the simplest and cheapest way and google the topic you are interested in and you will find many free of charge tutorials. Wiki how or youtube are the most popular places. You can go even deeper and start professional online courses! There is anything you need, you can learn almost everything from the net! And finally - you have time for that!

Here are some examples: languages, art, graphic design, photography, acting, dance, cooking, DIY, psychology, history and much more!

3.Work out. Same as above there are so many tutorials online you can try at home. On top of that, there are some proffesionals who are sending live classes because the are stuck at home! This is brilliant! How often do you get chance to do a ballet class with the stars of American ballet Theatre?!

4. Digg out your old hobby. Do you have a cellar full of paint and canvas? What made you stop practising your hobby ? Lack of time, inpatience? Maybe you should give it another chance?

5. Read books...... or write them! Do you have that full wall library at home as a decoration or are do you mean to read at least some of those books ? Saving for retirement? come on.. Carpe Diem… What about if you have an inner writer or poet? Grab a pen and write your own book. It is going to be a lot of fun when you you will read it in the future.

6. Visit a museum! Yhmmm… Weren’t we suppose to stay at our home? I never said go out to visit a musem. You can do it online ! Just pick and google your favourite one : The Louvre in Paris, The National Gallery of Art in Washington, The British Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, The Met in New York, The Dali Theatre - Museum in Figueres, Nasa in Virginia, The Vatican Museums and many more...

7. Turn on your masterchef skills. Experiment in the kitchen. Who doesnt love stews, soups and other dishes that need longer time to prepare? Guess what- you finally have time to spend 8 hours in the kitchen! Or take a challenge of using all of your cookbooks, or create your own recipe!

8. Call your friends and family. Are you the one who finds it soooo hard to pick up the phone? There are no excuses anymore - you do have time. Just to remind you that relations with other people is one of THOSE fundamental things that really make us happy.. if the relations are good obviously. If they are not... fix them. What about talking to your mom while cooking that stew?

9.Your wardrobe invites you in. You can finally get rid off those old clothes from high school and neetly fold the ones are Ok to wear. No need to explain more. What about home fashion show?

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