Hello April! What's in season and why we shall focus on eating seasonal food?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Today is the 1st of April and i would like to share with you a chart with products that are in season now. Go ahead, write it down in your notebook, save it to your pictures or include those foods in your next shopping list. NOTE that chart is in swedish and products are typical for the region of Sweden. If you scroll down there will be a list of the products in english. I have included fish too and that is even more specific for Sweden.

Why eating seasonal is so important? Keep on reading...

List of the seasonal foods in english:

Veggies and herbs : Endives, onion, red onion, dandelion, carrots, nettle, parsnips, parsley, potatoes, leek, vild garlic, beets, celeriac, red cabbage, white cabbade, savoy cabbage, black root, sprouts, oyster mushrooms, artichoke, cilantro, rutabaga.

Fish: mussels, crayfish, pike, halibut, salmon, oysters, scallops, prawns, char, saithe, herring, wild salmon, cod and sole.

Let's get back to why it is so important to eat seasonally?

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season. Even though we love to eat tomatoes year round, the best time to eat them is when they can be purchased directly from a local grower shortly after harvest. Local foods do not require long distances for transport. We have spoiled ourselves pretty much when it comes to having what we want - right now - no matter price. With that attitude we forget about what it does to our environment and to our own bodies as we consume peticides and other chemical substances when choosing some foods.

When we buy local, we support the farmers and producers from our area. Developing our own agriculture and sense of community. Just think now about the situation we all are facing in the world - a pandemic. We simply cannot anymore get some products because the boarders are closed and supermarkets storages are getting empty. It is at the same time impossible to produce everyting ourselves - because of our climate position, but i am certain there can be more done to develop our own produce.

By eating seasonal food you skip some of the pesticides and chemicals and you are saving the earth from very same thing too. Local produce harvests at its peak and so the flavour and nutrient content is as high as it can get.

Where to find locally produced food?

- First of all read the labels in your supermarket and choose those products that are produced in your country. That information is always included on the label and even next to the price.

- Search online for local farmers and producers. I have noticed that there are multiple facebook groups where people are selling to each other veggies and fruits they produced themselves!

- Create your own mini garden on the balcony, terass or... kitchen window

- Join colony farm! There are many enthusiasts who love to grow vegetables themselves. It's pretty hell of the work and philosophy here is the more of working hands the better!

- Shop at small outdoor markets - it is usually where local farmers sell their goods.

Here are some links you can find helpul in search for seasonal and healthy food!

For you who live in USA, you can find out what's in season here


A great website to find local producers is here

For Stockholmers who want to order locally produced food online go here

Foodla is an app where local producers sell their products.

Another similar app is called Fooever

Mylla mat is for those who live in Skåne and want to order online from the locals.


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