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It is the middle of march and a whole world is talking about one thing - corona virus. It hit us suddenly. Some of us are dealing with that new situation just ok whereas the others have many issues. Some of us have lost thier jobs or even family members. There is nothing we can do now except of taking care of ourselves and our beloved. I am certain we will find some positive thoughts too... think of earth and less pollution... some families finally have time to be together... some will do what they always dreamed of, like hobbies that could never give them income - it doesnt matter now does it?

Focus on nurishing your bodies. There are plenty of tips and kinds of food you should get into you bodies, but right now i will make it short - Eat colourful! Make sure you have on your plate all the colors of the rainbow ( You can find it not only in veggies but in spices and herbs too). Limit sugar and alkohol intake. Do you have any other addictions? Maybe it is a perfect time to stop.

How is it going for you? Has corona virus panic reached you or are you dealing with it as a pro?

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