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My passion is helping people to find their own way to reach optimal health. I am licenced health coach working with both individuals and companies. You might need help in designing your meal plan or getting more structure in your everyday life. We all have different needs and history therefore there isn't one magical method to reach optimal health. You can find plenty of inspiration and tips here. Do not hesitate to contact me! 

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" Joanna is extremely caring and brings the perfect mix of knowledge and empathy. She very much gets to know you and learn what your preferences and lifestyle are in order to create custom meal plans; the plans do not feel like they are copied and pasted between clients, they are very personalized. Along the way she is easy to contact and goes over and above a scheduled check-in call to ensure your success."


"Thanks to Joanna i have learned new ways to cook healthy food. I have lost 5 kg without even following meal plans in 100%! "



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